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Flexi Flowrack

For efficient parts flow

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These racks use gravity to make it easier to organize and move parts. You put bins and totes on the racks from the back, and when your team takes something from the front, the next one slides forward smoothly on rollers. And if you need to get to finished work, you can tilt the racks away from you for easy access.

Feature Options


Flow rack frame

Advantage : Provide support, capable of handling the weight of storage and accessories

Benefits : Increases product longevity and durability

FLEXI flowrack frame-adjustable gulide.jpg

Adjustable levelling glides

Advantage : Helps in levelling the structure and the roller tops

Benefits : Benefit: Prevent frame from wobbling, helps stabilize them on uneven surfaces

Furnisys Flexi Flowrack.png

Stater and adder assembly

Advantage : Can be added to create an integrated workspace, multiply the storage space easily

Benefits : Maximises floor space utilised

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Flow rack shelf assembly (adjustable angle)

Advantage : Provide flexibility to tweak the angle to suit convenience of the operator

Benefits : Better visibility of inventory, reduce fatigue, space optimization

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Roller tracks and guide

Advantage : Frequent stock rotation for picking, kitting & assembly operation

Benefits : High efficiency in workflow management

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Powder coated finish (with color options)

Advantage : Protects the product from corrosion and abrasion

Benefits : Increases product's longevity, resist discoloration, creates aesthetically appealing workspace.

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